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OMARATEK Electric Inc.

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OMARATEK Electric Inc. is the best service if you need an electrical contractor in Nashua, NH. Everything from simple repair to a complete redesign is available at a moment’s notice. We understand how important a reliable power source is to your well-being. That is why our professional contractors work tirelessly to get the job done as quickly and safely as possible. We have all the equipment necessary to tackle the toughest jobs on hand to ensure no family or business is without power for long.

Service Calls include:

● Engineering—On call engineering can diagnose the issue and offer guidance on how to handle the problem. Electrical work is never an issue homeowners should attempt alone. Do-it-yourselfers might be tempted to turn on a YouTube video and troubleshoot the problem, but only trained professionals can work with the quality and safety required to get the job done right. Leave all of the electrical work to the professionals. We do motor rewinding as well!

● Generator Support—If the problem is broad and affecting the input of power to the house, we can bring in a generator to provide backup until the issue is resolved. This ensures families and businesses can maintain their routine with little interference. Our team will provide you with a reliable estimate of how long and costly the down time will be. It is our goal to keep you comfortable until things are sorted out.

● Quick Response—We proudly serve all of NH with a quick response time in step with our professional practices. Electrical services are one of the few essentials where speed is a priority. When the lights are out, we hope your first call is to our remarkable team!

Always have our number on your speed dial for emergencies! Call upon our local electricians in Nashua, NH for a free quote today!